1. Avoidance of People and Property is the first priority.

  2. Obtain channel pin from the frequency board prior to operating any 72mhz transmitter in any way.  Place the pin on the transmitter.  Remember to return the pin when finished flying.  If you cause a crash you will be responsible for replacing the lost plane.

  3. During flight times spectators must remain clear of the runway and pit area unless accompanied by a club member.

  4. A maximum of six flight stations shall be in operation except during special events. Pilots must stand at the apron flight line when flying.

  5. The safest way to start and adjust an airplane engine is with the airplane secured to the table.

  6. Safety check airplane prior to starting.  Controls, prop nut, prop condition, range check, all hardware.

  7. Start engines with the engine facing in a safe direction.

  8. Planes in flight should remain beyond the far side of the runway except for take-off, landing, or shooting touch and go.

  9. Vocally announce intentions when using runway.

  10. AMA membership is required for all members.  Students may take instruction without AMA membership from a club member for a maximumof six sessions. Club and AMA membership are required thereafter. Alternatively, students may take instruction from a club designated AMA Introductory Pilot Instructor for a maxim of 60 days. Club and AMA membership are required thereafter. Insructors training students should be given individual use of the field to avoid distractions but the time should be shortened to a reasonable amount with all setup and discussions completed prior to taking the runway.  Club safety rules allow multiple trained pilots to be flying at the same time but if a member needs exclusive use of the field on a turn basis this should be reasonably accommodated  Maiden fllights should be conducted as the only plane in the air and should not be done during fun flys. Courteous use if the field with recognition of the needs of others is our goal.

      11. All members are required to read and sign the club safety rules when requesting               membership in the Desert Fox Flyers of Mesquite.

      12.Pets must be on a leash and controlled, or teathered to a secure structure.



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