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 The next scheduled club meeting will be at the Beaver Dam fire station No. 1 located at 630 N Hwy 91 in Beaver Dam, Arizona, Thursday, January 12,  2023  at 6:00 PM Arizona (5:00 PM Nevada) time.

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Welcome to the Desert Fox Flyers RC Club!


Desert Fox Flyers of Mesquite is a radio control airplane club with members in Mesquite, Nevada and the surrounding area.  The Club has a flying field at the intersection of Highway 91 and Scenic Road (See Map)

The Club is chartered and insured by the Academy of Model Aeronautics and holds a State of Nevada Corporate Charter.  

The Purpose of this organization is to promote the building and safe operation of radio control flying models and to promote public acceptance and good will toward this sport/hobby.
  • Membership is open to any individual with an interest in radio control.
  • Members must remain in good standing in the Academy of Model Aeronautics.
  • All members shall agree to abide by AMA rules.
Club monthly meetings are held at the Beaver Dam Fire Station No.1 located at 630 N Hwy 91 in Beaver Dam, Arizona on the second Thursday of each month.  Visitors are welcome.

Visiting members of AMA or Model Aeronautics Association of Canada (MAAC) are welcome to fly at our field up to one week. Please contact a club officer for authorization. Club safety rules are posted, please review before activating your transmitter or flying.

We invite you to our flying field to observe our hobby/sport in action and to fly an airplane using a buddy system that allows an instructor to assure a safe flight.  Members are usually flying every morning that the weather allows. 

Editors Pick of the Month


March 2017

Jeff, David and T.J. prepare the Grasshopper for first flight!


March 2017

Jeff, David and T.J. inspect the Edge 540

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